Urban Tropicana – Bikini Creation

What a joy it is to see the reflection of mother nature created by Julia Rose. The gorgeous images stimulate our imagination and whisk us away to an Island paradise, sipping margaritas under the cool shade of lush green tropical palms in our colorful & fantastically floral bikini. There is nothing like a fresh flower bikini to make you fabulous!! … Especially one designed in a collection of vibrant Pinks, Oranges and brilliant greens!! “And I think to myself what a wonderful world” Louis Armstrong Team credits: Photographer : Katrina Cram Model: Jessica Cavallaro Venue: Babalou Headwear: Komorebi Bride Make …

New Website Launch

Psst! Come closer we have a surprising little secret to share with you and you’re going to love it……..It’s the blossoming bees knees of the Floral Industry – OUR NEW WEBSITE HAS JUST LAUNCHED!!!! Give us a BUZZ at www.weddingflowersbyjuliarose.com Lets start this baby off with a few of our Avant Garde Creations. There are so many to choose from so we might just have to call this ‘Part 1’ …… A little splash of colour Stayed tuned for more wildy creative &  fabulously fantasy styled Floral creations Colourful flowery love to you all ,  Julia Rose xo Thanks to …

Julia Rose

Welcome to my Blog

Dawn breaks in the east and the fresh perfume of roses is gently stirred by the valley breeze. The sun warms the fields of blooms, flowers raise their petals to say “hello” to the new day as they make their way fresh from our farm to you! I am looking forward to sharing my news, ideas, tips and inspirations with you!