WFC – BALI – 2019

Here is a little bit of what we got up to when we recently headed over to the gorgeous tropical island of Bali, in Indonesia, for the 2019 World Flower Summit.
Each country was given a prop. A handmade item, utilised in day to day life by the Balinese people.
We had to upcycle our given prop and work it into our design.

Our prop was a beautiful woven fishing basket, it was almost a shame to reshape it as it would have made a fantastic lampshade! But I cut into it, weaving, and manipulating its form into a piece I could use as a base to design my fresh floral couture on. It was ready to attach flowers to!

The next day I walked into the Westin with my transformed fishing basket in hand ready to adorn it with fresh flowers and bring my vision to life! Thanks to my awesome team powering down, we created a skirt, headpiece and shoulder throw…. all from one little fishing basket.

Thank you to Wfc Indonesia for organising such a magnificent event!
And, Thank you to Flormart for the simply stunning fresh flowers!

Last but not least…..Thank you to the World Flower Council for giving us the opportunity to not only meet but also design alongside many international Master floral designers. We were truly inspired!

Featured at WORLD FLOWER SUMMIT 2019 for the World Flower Council

Summit Location: Bali, Indonesia WESTIN, Marriot – Nusa Dua

Flowers supplied by Flormart Indonesia

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Flowers by Julia Rose.