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Colour My World Joy, Creativity, and a Life Surrounded by Flowers

From her earliest days, renowned floral designer Julia Rose has been inspired by
beauty, creativity and, yes, flowers. In “Colour My World,” Rose shares those passions
through her warm, often whimsical personal stories and glimpses behind the floral
design curtain.
Born in Australia, Rose fell in love with creativity and art early in her life and throughout
formative years of exploration, traipsing through rainforests, snorkeling the Great Barrier
Reef and strolling along golden beaches. She’s always loved to paint, weave, carve and
sculpt, but flowers became her medium of choice. Her lavish floral couture designs have
taken over the world’s fashion runways, and her creative public floral installations have
inspired joy in others, giving Rose the inspiration she thrives on to continually create.
“Colour My World” captures Julia Rose’s singular approach to floral design – both in
stunning images and sweetly told tales – and mixes it with a dash here and there of the
colorful, creative life she’s lived thus far. Its pages take you along Rose’s vibrant
journey, from her early stomping grounds in Newcastle to worldwide fashion runways,
red carpets and festivals and back to her bucolic farm in Australia, where she finds the
inspiration to fuel her floral magic.