A vibrant set of positive affirmation cards.

The deck consists of 22 Cards.

Including 20 darling little affirmations to promote confidence, self-love and inspiration.

Each affirmation card features a sweet little Farm animal adorned in a unique fresh floral creation designed by artist ‘Julia Rose’.

Also included in the pack 1 x title card. 1 x Instructional card.

Printed on beautiful heavyweight matte art card that really makes the colours pop. A decadent 12cm x 12cm Eco-Friendly cardstock With a luxurious satin finish. The deck is packaged in a natural-toned recycled cardboard gift box.

These beautifully designed cards consist of a set of unique Affirmation intentionally curated for inspiration, smiles, motivation & support. Phrases that will bring a smile to anyone’s face! Great for personal use and they also make the perfect gift.

Affirmation Cards are a tool created with the intention to assist you to start the day with a positive mindset. They can be used daily as a mantra, or in times when you feel you need it most. Repeating positive affirmations has been proven to have a positive effect on thought patterns, helping you to overcome negative thoughts.

How to use your ‘Naturally Positive’ Cards

  • Shuffle your cards
  • When you feel the pull to stop, stop shuffling
  • Spread your cards in a rainbow shape in front of you with the affirmations/images face down
  • Close your eyes and pick whichever card you are drawn to

And that’s your affirmation for the day! You can take a photo of it or write it down to remember

Over time your thoughts will change. Watch your reality follow as a result.

All designs are created by Julia Rose and copyright protected.

Thank you for visiting my shop

Julia Rose x

NATURALLY POSITIVE by Julia Rose – Affirmation Deck
20 beautifully curated Positive quote cards


We are delighted to share the first Natural product range from our new range.

RAW ESSENTIALS by Julia Rose is a range of Raw & Natural Products created here on the farm by us, by hand with Happiness.

A little bit about how the product came to life……..

For quite some years I suffered Terrible allergies to Chemicals (acute chemical hypersensitivity). I was happy and normal then ‘BAM’ I was literally a bubble girl for years. Due to the allergies, we had to turn our lives upside down and get back to nature in a very raw way.
It was very challenging at the beginning given the conveniences of the modern world. However, now that we live naturally I would never go back. So essentially becoming ill was a blessing in disguise.
Which leads me to the first part of our new RAW ESSENTIALS range.
100% pure essential oils, plant base solubiliser and spring water create our – Aqua Spritz ‘ROSIE POSIE’ is a blend of subtle sweet Rose with the fresh and invigorating Overtone of Lemon Myrtle & Sweet Orange.

In our first release, I was trying to capture the scent of my floral studio intertwined with our fresh farm air. Sweet, fresh and indulgent.

We are thrilled to be taking our first orders now so please email me with any enquiries you may have.
$12.95 plus postage.

$7.00 postage for 1 bottle

$12.00 postage for 2-3 bottles
Big Smiles from all of us on the little Farm xx

We are currently perfecting a new collection of refreshing Eco Sprays to indulge your senses within your home studio or workplace.


Air FreshenerAqua SpritzRosie Posie

  • 100% Essential Oils
  • Septic Safe
  • Recyclable Bottle
  • Eco-Friendly

*Please note: We advise that you consult a medical professional before using any essential oils, especially if you are pregnant or unwell.  Individual results may vary. We use the highest quality products available to us but can assume no liability for use of this product. This product is for external use only. Keep away from Children and pets. This product is not intended to cure, treat or prevent disease.

Raw essentials by Julia Rose - natural
Raw essentials by Julia Rose - Flowers - aqua spritz

Ingredients: Rose, Lemon Myrtle & Sweet Orange, Plant-based Solubiser + Pure Spring Water.