Colour My World Joy, Creativity, and a Life Surrounded by Flowers



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Colour My World Joy, Creativity, and a Life Surrounded by Flowers

Step into the vibrant universe of artistic expression and botanical wonder with “Colour My World: Joy, Creativity, and a Life Surrounded by Flowers” by the renowned floral artist Julia Rose. In this enchanting book, Julia Rose opens the doors to her captivating world where flowers take center stage as the medium of choice for crafting emotive and breathtaking works of art.

From her earliest days, Julia has been inspired by beauty, creativity and, yes, flowers. In “Colour My World,” she shares those passions through her warm, often whimsical personal stories and glimpses behind the floral design curtain. Travel with this colorful creative from her early stomping grounds in Newcastle to worldwide fashion runways, red carpets and festivals and back to her bucolic farm in Australia, where she finds the inspiration to fuel her floral magic. 

With every turn of the page, you’ll be transported into Julia’s artistic sanctuary, where flowers transform into paint, fabric, and inspiration. Julia shares her intimate creative journey, from conceiving intricate pieces within her mind’s eye to skillfully translating her visions into tangible, ephemeral masterpieces that capture the essence of fleeting beauty.

Through Julia’s eloquent prose, you’ll uncover the multi-layered process that brings her art to life. She skillfully weaves together her emotions, moods, and concepts to guide her artistic endeavors. The book unveils the carefully orchestrated symphony of color palettes, each stroke of pigment relaying a profound emotion or sentiment that transcends words.

Explore the pages where floral recipes unfold, delving into the depths of texture and movement as Julia fuses greenery and blossoms to craft pieces of unparalleled depth. From delicate blooms nestled atop lavish petals to vibrant color pops strategically placed like brushstrokes, Julia’s mastery comes alive, captivating your imagination and inspiring your own creative pursuits.

“Colour My World” isn’t just about the art; it’s a celebration of life’s vibrant tapestry. Julia reveals the intricacies of using the human form as a canvas, seamlessly blending skin tone, contours, and posture to amplify the intended mood. Through her lens, every aspect of her composition becomes a brushstroke in the story she’s conveying.

The journey culminates in a moment of artistic floral capture, as Julia paints her creations with light and flowers to evoke emotion and forge an unbreakable connection between the viewer and the art. The result is art that whispers, shouts, and sings, inviting you to explore the myriad emotions it encapsulates.

Julia Rose’s artistry is a testament to the power of creativity, and “Colour My World” invites you to embrace the transformative potential of artistic expression. Whether you’re a seasoned artist, a floral enthusiast, or simply a lover of beauty, this book will resonate deeply, inspiring you to find your own voice and leave your mark on the canvas of life.

116 Pages




This Beautifully designed set of bespoke cards is Intentionally curated to bring a smile to your face.

I created this deck during lockdown, purely to bring myself joy and keep me entertained as an artist.
I shared a few images, from my peculiar pastime ‘flower crowning my babies’ and it turned out other people were just as quirky as I was… everyone loved them!
So, I buckled down and kept creating. The next thing I knew I had a whole collection of my farm animals looking fabulous!
This is when the ‘Naturally Positive’ deck came to life.

Each affirmation card features…
One of our sweet little Farm animals (or an animal we have rescued over the years) looking glorious in an over the top unique fresh flower crown!
The crowns are created by me, Artist – Julia Rose.

A percentage of the profit goes back into the farm animals ‘piggy bank’ to help pay for food, bedding, and all their needs. Thank you

What each set contains:

The deck consists of 22 Cards

Including 22 delightful images & affirmations.

Printed on a beautiful heavyweight matte art card that really makes the colors pop
A decadent 12cm x 12cm Eco-Friendly card stock with a luxurious satin finish

1 x Animal Tales, with a collection of little tales of the farm babies’ rescue stories and the role they play on the farm.

The deck is packaged in a soft cardboard box.

All designs are created by Julia Rose and copyright protected.


  • Shuffle your cards
  • When you feel the pull to stop, stop shuffling
  • Spread your cards in a rainbow shape in front of you with the affirmations/images face down
  • Close your eyes and pick whichever card you are drawn to
    And that’s your affirmation for the day!

You can take a photo of it or write it down to remember
Over time your thoughts will change. Watch your reality follow as a result.

How others have used their ‘Naturally Positive’ Cards

  • One lady told me she had a dinner party, where she placed a card under every plate. She said it was the perfect conversation starter.
  • Another customer said she puts magnets on the back of her favorite cards and places them on the fridge. Rotating them every few weeks.
  • A young family told me they would have their young girls pick a card daily before school, just to start the day with a smile & boost confidence.
  • People have framed and hung them in sets on walls.
  • Gifted individual cards to friends and loved ones.
    I’d love to hear how you use them.

Thank you for visiting my shop

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Buy 1, 2 or 3 Decks

All designs are created by Julia Rose and copyright protected.

Thank you for visiting my shop

Julia Rose x

Pop art with a Deliciously dark twist and a hint of a fairytale.

by Julia Rose

Limited Edition Signature prints 


Julia Rose designed the Floral couture creation whilst in isolation during the March floods of 2022. 

The Floral Couture piece features a mass of silk flowers meticulously stitched together on a base of leather, linens, sequins, and faux fur. 

Julia Rose captured Images of the Floral Couture just before the piece hit the runway.
Then once back on her little farm, she devoted hours to meticulously transforming the images into POP ART prints. 

This design has been featured in;
– Australian Wearable Art Festival Runway 
– Cabinet de l’Art Russian Arts Magazine – Print edition
– Moevir Paris Arts Magazine – Print Edition  
– Home of the Arts – Life drawing session 

Print Only – 297mm x 420mm
$50 for 1 image
$90 for the Set
Plus postage $9.95

Printed on heavy stock paper


Nature Knows best – 2021 -2022 Calendar SOLD OUT

The Calendar is certain to make you and your loved ones smile…all year long!

Perfect for the home or office. The perfect gift.

300mm x 300mmWeight: 200gsm Spiral Binding

$39.95 each+ Postage $8.95

12 delightful images & affirmations.Each month features a sweet little Farm animal adorned in a unique fresh floral creation designed by artist Julia Rose.