Mad Max-esque by Julia Rose

The piece was created on a whim at the end of a full day campaign shoot.

 I wanted to created something wild with an edge, As it turns out Mad Max styled shoulder pads was what poured out of me, giving that sense of power and femininity in the one instance.

I believe this piece I created could represent many different emotions.

The bright colours giving it a sense of wild bohemian fun, Feathers collected from my farm for freedom, shoulder pads for a warrior queen, a stunning model for sheer beauty

It is ART and the essence of the creation is to enjoy the image however you want.

This is the first time I have published this collection on my website, but saying that it is not the first time this image has been published.

Images from this creation of mine have been publish countless times Internationally on blogs, in print magazines, newspapers, promotional galleries, you name it images from this collection has been there.

I would say images from this creation are those most recognisable to  the ‘Brand’ Julia Rose.

It is wonderful to see people love my creations as much as I love Creating them.



Flowers by Julia Rose . Wild Magnificent, Free. Glorious Fresh Floral shoulder pads.


Flowers by Julia Rose. Mad Max shoulder pads with a natural wild twist.


Flowers by Julia Rose. Magical Floral shoulder pads.


Flowers by Julia Rose. Wild Magnificent, Free. Bohemian Fresh Floral shoulder pads.


Flowers by Julia rose’s unique wild creation from fresh flowers.


Flowers by Julia Rose . Take a moment to smell the Roses and enjoy this glorious world.


Flowers by Julia Rose . Media Campaign Specialist.


Flowers by Julia Rose. Custom Creations for Media, Events and runway campaigns.


Flowers by Julia Rose . Dare to be different in the most amazing way.




Photographer: Cloud Catcher Studios

Model: Jessica Cavallaro from Dallys Models

Make up + Hair: Erin Stuart Styles

Design Concept and Creation: Julia Rose

Flowers, Wild, Free, Bohemian, Mad max, Fresh, Shoulder pads, Avante garde, Media Campaign,

Roses, Wattle, Pepper berries, Orchids, Magical, Creation, Art, Runway, Events, Artist, feathers, beautiful, natural.