Penny + Matt – Tenterfield Wedding

Wowsers how spoilt are we!

This Wedding season was cram packed with some stunning weddings, however I must say this way one of my favourites.

My team & I had the pleasure of packing up our van and hitting the road, heading down to the ‘pretty as a picture’ little outback town of Tenterfield. The streets were lined with weeping willows and the main town is an abundance of Australian Historical buildings. Every little offset side street was filled with beautiful country gardens in full bloom. It was something like an Australiana fairytale.

We took our van filled to the brim with lashings of greenery, ladders, rigging and flowers out past the town, 30 minutes into the bushland. Passing wild rambling fields of Blackberries, red belly black snakes and gorgeous pastures. After a touch of panic (and maybe feeling slightly lost?) we came upon the private estate, the sign to the estate was covered in glorious little Lichen. The magic started there.

We opened and closed set after set of ‘cattle gates. Driving up a rugged dirt road. Our senses were tingling, it was like being inside of an Australian painting. Large Boulders as big as houses sat in the middle of empty fields as if ‘plonked’ there by giants. The boulders were covered in lichens and Rock orchids. Little Wallabies popped their darling little faces out of nooks and crannies.

After another 15 minutes of driving we came across an empty field, set next to a tiny cottage with a beautiful little Australian outback garden. (Where mind you I picked a few flowers to intertwine into the bridal bouquet to connect it with its surrounds.) In this Empty paddock was set a giant Clear Marquee, with wooden floors, all built onsite. Looking glorious!

We meet the Gorgeous Bride Penny for the first time, she was so adorable & super easy going. Penny & Matt where heading back into town to relax and prepare for their big day.

Backing the Van up, we unloaded onto the grass and started to complete our semi fabricated installations.  The Boys from Events in Tents, sound engineer had set up the music. It was filling the air and inspiring us all to continue the build ‘full steam ahead’!! We prepped our designs as the lighting team set up, and worked in sync suspending our large native green installations inside the tent as the night went on.  One after another the installations went up, the edison lighting came on, the fairy lights sparkled magically late into the night. Around midnight things finally came together and looked  Magnificent. Truly like a wonderland.

We headed back to the hotel, opening and closing the gates on the outback track didn’t seem quite as exciting in the pitch black after a 4am to midnight day, but was still pretty darn cool.

The next day I had the Joy of dropping all the bouquets off to the Amazing Penny and her girls, who were getting ready in town. I just love delivering the bridal bouquets to Brides. There’s always so much joy, nerves and excitement in the room.

My team and I headed back out to the Estate to finish set up, tweaking and primping the installs. Helping the team from Sazzie set up the most amazing plates I have ever seen!! 250 hand painted plates! Each design utterly unique & quirky in the most endearing of ways, honestly so very cool.  After all was set, we heading back and enjoyed the little town that was ‘Tenterfield.

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed being part of this stunning Event.

Images thanks to Trent & Jessie.




Location: Tenterfield – Private Estate

Photographer: Trent and Jessie

Clear Marquee, Lighting, Tables, Flooring: Events in Tents 

Wedding Co-ordinator: Sazzie Events

Hand painted plates: KoMorrisArt


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