VILLA FLORETTI – Boneo. Victoria

Join us for a WEEKEND of CREATIVE – Floral workshop weekend at Villa Floretti Flower farm.

The farm is set amongst five private acres of heavenly colour in beautiful Boneo on the Mornington Peninsula.

The Protea and Native flower plantation at Villa Floretti is waiting to envelop you in a sense of calm, clarity and creativity as you discover this magical part of the peninsula.

Panoramic views spanning from Port Phillip Bay around to Bass Strait offer the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable workshop experience

When –

Day 1 – Saturday – 26th November 2022

Day 2 – Sunday – 27th November 2022

The Workshop details –

Day 1 – Saturday 26th November 2022

Session time – 10 am-4 pm

Arrival from 9.30-9.45am

We start the day settling into the picturesque location and energising with a delicious locally made muffin and Refreshments.

10am –

Everyone heads to the Beautifully renovated Barn to meet Julia Rose. This is where the inspiration begins. We dive in with a quick briefing, running over the creative schedule for the day before we head out to explore the farm, featuring a collection of divine Australian Native flowers. Villa Floretti is known for producing some of the largest King Proteas in Australia!


Everyone heads back to the Barn and our hands-on creative journey begins.

We delve straight into our design, a wild rambling offset design. Featuring an abundance of fresh picked Native Flowers, intertwined with a collection of Greenery.

In this session we focus on techniques and the role each little bloom or piece of greenery plays within our design.

1pm -ish – Lunch break

Villa Floretti will serve up a delicious fresh lunch. A mixture of chicken mayo avo baguettes and roast veggie goats cheese baguettes and salad.

There will be time to chat and enjoy the farm. Oh and of course it’s photo time of us with our creations!

1.30pm – Round two of creative

After lunch we relax back into the workshop area and design a beautiful side crown, whilst indulging in some creative discussions on colour theory and techniques.

By this time we will be all fully relaxed and comfortable with each other so the floor is open for questions. This is where the knowledge is passed on, Julia is an open book, but not only that, we all share our wisdom and inspire each other. Whilst settling in for some wiring of pretty things and relaxing with refreshments and a homemade chocolate tart.

And that is just day one!

Finish 4pm ish

Day 2 Sunday – 27th November 2022

Session time – 10 am – 5 pm

9.45 am

After starting with refreshments everyone heads back over to the Barn to start the day.

10 am

Delve straight into the Creative adventure.

Today is fast paced. Saturday is our ‘Relax into it’ day. Sunday is ‘Creative whirlwind’.

Now that we are all completely comfortable, it’s time to step outside our comfort zone and implement the techniques we learnt yesterday designing a wild and totally fabulous over the top large wearable headpiece! Unleashing the inner eccentric, think big and bold.

Midday – Lunch break

Time to refresh with a lunch break. Villa Floretti serves us another delicious homemade meal.

Baguettes with Chicken and Mayo or a veggie delight.

Large water containers topped with local citrus will be available throughout the workshop to rehydrate.

12.30 – Large set design and floral couture

The afternoon session is super exciting as we will do a group build, as a team we will design a suspended installation specially conceptualised to work with our chosen space.

We will step inside the space and discuss the ‘Vision’. We will build from the substructure up!

Touching on things like the role of light and color and defining a clear goal of the end piece.

Set design is what we are after, we want to create a ‘Mood’ and we want that mood to relay to our viewer in the end image!

…And if that’s not enough we will also be designing a piece of Floral couture, something fabulous just to finish the look.

The group build will be followed by a photoshoot to capture all our magic!


We Breathe and we shoot! During this time sweet little bowls of strawberries freshly picked from a local farm will be handed out to keep our energy up whilst we watch the creation be captured.


Session ends and we all bask in the magic, knowing not only have we created something of beauty that will inspire many, we have just created memories that will last a lifetime.

Every attendee receives a HERO image of the group build.

All attendees (if they choose) will be tagged on social media when the Hero image is released.

Julia Rose also captures a collection of images throughout the sessions, which she will send through to all attendees.

Cost –

Day 1 $295 all inclusive

Day 2 $295 all inclusive

Discounted price for 2 days $560.00

Secure your Position –

Day 1 – Saturday session

$55 deposit secures your position in the Saturday workshop

Day 1 – Sat – 1 position

Day 2 – Sunday session

$55 deposit secures your position in the Sunday workshop

Day 2 – Sun – 1 position

Book for both days – Weekend Session

$99 deposit secures your position for the whole weekend workshops

Full weekend – 1 position

Balance is due 7 -14 days prior to Workshop. Note: Booking deposit is non refundable